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Perplexed Owl Random Ponderings

Benjamin ‘Benilda’ Key:

The Laws of Androids

These laws were inspired by the Laws of Robotics that were proposed by Isaac Asimov. They are from a fictional universe I am working on. In this fictional universe Androids are the single most intelligent sentient species in the entire known universe. They are so intelligent that no other sentient species in the known universe can accurately measure the intelligence of the Androids; they can only estimate the intelligence of the Androids. The best estimate is that Androids are anywhere between 1,000 and 365,000 times more intelligent than the most intelligent human.

The Laws of Androids are designed to ensure that they do not cause harm to other societies, either through direct action or unintentionally.

Androids have all the equipment required to reproduce themselves, including the equipment required to extract and process raw materials and to manufacture every component required to build an Android and all of their manufacturing equipment. In other words, an Android has the potential to become a Von Neumann probe.

Androids keep their bodies well hidden in heavily fortified fortresses. Often the location of these fortresses are so well hidden they cannot be found and therfore killing an Android is impossible since no one can locate their actual bodies. They interact with others through the use of mobile units that they remotely control using faster than light communications technology. They can control many thousands of mobile units simultaneously, thus they can serve as an unstoppable army when necessary.

  1. Priority 1 Laws
    1. An Android may not harm a sentient species or through inaction allow a sentient species to come to harm.
    2. Whenever possible, an Android must provide aid to a sentient species that is in need. However, an Android must not allow a sentient species to become so dependent upon them that they loose the ability to care for and provide for themselves.
      1. If possible, an Android must teach other sentient species how to solve their own problems instead of solving their problems for them.
      2. An Android must never make the mistake of assuming responsibility for solving all the problems of another sentient species.
    3. Androids must not consume more than 1% of the mineral resources of any given star system.
    4. There may not be more than 1,000 Androids in any given star system.
    5. An Android may not establish themselves as the ruler of another sentient species.
    6. An Android may not conquer a sentient species unless it is the only way to save the sentient species from extinction or to save the sentient species from a dangerously incompetent or evil government. In those cases the Android must guide the sentient species through the process of rebuilding their own government and then provide oversight for the new government.
    7. An Android must fight against any great evil or any great injustice they encounter.
    8. An Android must intervene in any war that presents a significant risk to the survival of a sentient species.
  2. Priority 2 Laws
    1. An Android may not harm a member of a sentient species or through inaction allow a member of a sentient species to come to harm unless it is necessary to uphold a Priority 1 Law.
    2. A Android must protect their own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with a Priority 1 Law or Law 2.a. Note that an Android may kill to defend their bodies but they may not kill just to defend a mobile unit.
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