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Benjamin ‘Benilda’ Key:

August 28, 2019

The Great Trump Wall - Damned Lies, The Truth, and a Terrifying New Development

Try to realize the truth … there is no spoon.

– Spoon Boy to Neo, The Matrix, 1999

Damned Lies

The Wall is going up very fast despite total Obstruction by Democrats in Congress, and elsewhere! @realDonaldTrump 12:48 PM · Aug 28, 2019

The Truth

This article contains the following very interesting quote.

So far, only 60 miles of fencing have been built under the Trump administration; though, that construction is not part of a new wall and was instead put in place by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to repair already existing barriers.

In other words, 60 miles of fencing have been built but not one mile of that fencing is new. Every single mile of fencing was installed to repair pre-existing barriers. Exactly 0 miles of wall has been built!

In other words, the wall is not being built at all. The wall only exists in Donald Trump’s mind!

Donald Trump and his supporters should try to realize the truth … there is no wall!

A Terrifying New Development

Donald Trump is well aware he has failed to keep his promise to build the wall. He obviously is terrified that his few supporters will realize this and stop supporting him unless he makes progress on the wall fast. As a result, Trump Offers Pardons for Lawbreaking to Build the Wall. In other words, Donald Trump has reportedly offered to pardon criminals in advance if they break the law just to get his wall built.

For more information see Trump Is Willing to Do Whatever It Takes to Get the Border Wall Built

All hail Donald Trump; a.k.a. Donald Drumpf, a.k.a. Lord Dampnut, a.k.a. Dumbnut, a.k.a. Donnie Trumpelstiltskin, a.k.a. Donald tRUMP; our most, or perhaps least, honored (not my) POTUS and our great Bloviator in Chief!

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