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Benjamin ‘Benilda’ Key:

img with alt and title

Screen Reader Reliability Testing


This page demonstrates the use of the img element with the src attribute, the alt attribute, and the title attribute specified. This page should be accessible. However, the results may depend on screen reader settings unless both the alt attribute and the title attribute are set to the same value.

For example, with JAWS the results depend on the value of the GraphicRenderingOption option in the HTML section of the JAWS configuration file Default.jcf.


1234 (alt)

Additional Information

The GraphicRenderingOption option may have the following values.

Possible values of the GraphicRenderingOption option.
Value Meaning
0 Favor title attribute.
1 Favor alt attribute.
2 Favor singly quoted string in OnMouseOver.
3 Favor longest.
4 Use custom search.

To edit this option go to Web / HTML / PDFs → Images / Graphics → For an Image → Speak in the JAWS Settings Center.

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